Is this 38 year cycle real?

The above events do seem to be real and major events in the paper money and gold money struggle. There are a few similar events but not really in the same category:

Other panics in America

  1. Panic of 1792 One family trying to drive up some stock price and another trying to drive them down. For a couple months the markets were messed up. Then for with a few hundred thousand dollars the government bailed out the troubled banks.
  2. Panic of 1837 Closing down the Second Bank of The United States it did not have enough gold to back notes. This was not really a national or central bank.
  3. Panic of 1873 US moved from bi-metal silver and gold standard to gold only, reducing money supply.
  4. Panic of 1907 Banks lent money with railroad stocks as collateral. The government put price controls on railroad cargo. This cut the value of railroad stocks in half. The banks collateral was no longer sufficient.

A couple European panics

  1. Panic of 1884 Short lived crisis where Europe was short on gold.
  2. Panic of 1890 London bank causing less serious panic.